Simple pensions for self-employed people

Free 25% tax bonuses

Flexible top-ups

Live well in retirement


Did you know:

Only 14% of self-employed people are saving into a pension Millions of self-employed people will need to work into their 70s Two thirds of self-employed people are worried about retirement The basic state pension is £6,718.40 per year – that's £18.46 a day


Your pension – easy

Setup takes 60 seconds, on your mobile. No paperwork, no financial jargon.

100% of your pension is protected by the government’s FSCS scheme. We are regulated and authorised by the FCA.

Grow your money

Tax Bonuses
For every £1 you put into your pension, the government adds 25p. We claim it for you, and add it to your Pensionly account, automatically.

Pension Growth
Pensionly saves your money with Vanguard, the world’s largest investment company, so your pension grows year by year.


Flexible top-ups

Designed for self-employed people
No standing orders, no minimum amount. Your pension should be as flexible as you are.

Enjoy saving
Notifications when you’ve hit milestones, like saving enough for a holiday every year or a daily coffee ☕️

Find your money

🔨 Coming Soon
It’s very likely that you have cash gathering dust in pensions from old jobs. We’ll automatically find your money and start saving it in your Pensionly account.